Starting as a food manufacture in 1964, converted into electric parts manufacture in 1965, The 30-year-old
Haengsung, which has been a constant partner of LG Electronics, has developed into Haengsung Corp.,
carrying many affiliates at present, going through digital, chemical products.
Now, Haengsung Corp. has two corporations, Domestic / Overseas, Domestic Corporation includes three
divisions which are Eletronics of Haengsung Corp., Haengsung Digital and of Haengsung Chemical, leading
the way, while Overseas Corporation includes Namkyung HS, Namhui HS, Namkyung Suma, Shenyang HS,
which located in China, P.T HS, HSETH, HSEMM, HSUSA(which are located in Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico
and U.S.A in order). Hereupon, Heangsung Corp. as the Head Office, plays the role as a Hub to connect with
Overseas companies to share and to deliver management polices as well as support, manage, guide and audit all sorts of operational services such as capital, accounts and personnel