Haengsung Corp., founded Hangeng Frontier Co., Ltd., started
to produce electronic circuit (HARNESS) and Cleaner HOSE.
In September 1, 2005, declared the 2nd initial by merging with HS Busan factory into Haengsung Corp.
So we have grown into Haengsung Corp. to deal with all sorts of parts related especially home appliances. We go together in humanity, serve to development to a top-notch culture,contribute the development the best quality and competitiveness, under the Haengsung Spirit creating future with advanced technology and

under the management policy of "secure of a top-notch" competitiveness based on cost, quality, potential talent, We will make Haengsung to contribute the development of our society.And we are going to step up continuously as a company who creates the future
Aug. 2005 Haengsung Corp. Busan factory was absorbed and integrated 
Dec. 2003 Issue of new shares to one million dollors
Jun. 2002 Haengsung Co. Ltd. established