Founded May 1st,1999,Chin Shenyang HS Electronics produces to supply TV HARNESS, won recognized the best  quality  and delivery vendor by LG Chem. Corp. ,  especially  DEGAUSSING COIL, CPT EARTH, and CONNECTORS, appointed an excellent company, is well run.
2005 FI-6 innovation activity T5S Improvement Award
2005 moved to Su Jia Tun Qu
2004 LG Appreciation Plaque [Pass gross productoin 10 million ]
2003 excellent assistant-company award
2002 '01 Excellent Partner
2001 LG Appreciation Plaque [export freign currency, Foundation 1 billion dollars
2001 China Shenyang PCB Auto-Insert factory formed
1999 excellence assistant-corp. award
1999 China Shenyang HS Electronics formed
  #18 Xue Lian Jie, Cheng Jiao Xiang Qi Jia Tun Chun
Su Jia Tun Qu, Shen Yang Shi, Liao Ning Sheng, CHINA
  Tel. 86-24-8915-0005~6
Fax. 86-24-8915-0166
  Incheon International Airport Shenyang International Airport Expressway (sundankaosu) AlhwanguVaita(Exit)Sujatoon Shenyang Haengsung. [About 40 minitues]