Namhui HS, excellently control QCD division as a professional
partner develope/produce Harness for Lamp Assy for
LG Washing Machine, monitor, refrigerator, and more
strengthening the role as a IPO to supply china parts to
Indonesia, Korea and so on

2007 LG PDP, LG MNT the best partners selected
2006 LG ETR excellent quality partner selected
2006 LG Electronics LGE Green Program Certificate selected
2006 LGETR(fridge) excellent partner selected
2005 Jiangning Development Zone labor and social security <Advanced Company〉selected
2005 LGETR(fridge) Quality excellence partner selected
2005 Jiangning Development Zone Labor Office〈Labor management & social security System〉Honest
       Company selected
2004 Jiangning Development Zone Baihuaqu-Banshichu <Advanced Company〉selected
2003 Jiangning Development Zone Safety Manpower <Advanced Company〉selected
2003 Namhui HS Electronics ISO 9001 certified
2002 Namhui HS Electronics moved by expansion
2000 Namhui HS Electronics Incorporation (independent corporation)
  NO. 811 Hushan Rood Dongshan Industrial Park Jiangning Nanjing
  TEL : 025-5210-0043 / 025-5212-5652
FAX : 025-5210-6237
  Namkyung airport -> Namhui HS Electronics inside of Jiangning Economical Development Zone
(about a half minutes)