Corporated  in  Oct.  29th,  2002,  Haengsung(Namkyung) Suma Corp. supplies PCB Ass’y for  TFT LCD MODULE,  produced in LG.PHILIPS-LCD NANJING Corp,  as  a SMT-specialized one, actively attract trade lines related PDP, DIGITAL TV, set goal of "securing competitive power of the world best"
2006 received approval of ISO 14001:2004
2005 LAMP factory operated
2005 LAMP factory building completed
2004 8,9 SMT Line operated
2004 SMT 2nd factory building completed
2004 received approval of ISO 9001:2000
2004 6,7 SMT Line operated
2004 5 SMT Line operated
2003 3,4 SMT Line operated
2003 1,2 SMT Line operated
2003 SMT 1st factory building completed
2002 Namkyung factory corp founded
  HaengSung Digital Nanjing Branch
NO.51 Hengfei Road Nanjing Economic & Technical Development Zone
  Tel. 86-25-8580-4492
Fax. 86-25-8580-4219
  Incheon International Airport Nanjing International Airport Mid point of Shingang Development District (Between LG MONITOR and LG PHILIPS LCD(Nanjing))