Haeng Sung production plant in Indonesia was established in 1997. Under SMT professional production
company, separates into PCB factory and Harness factory. The PCB factory is producing the controller
assembly of Home Theater System, Blu-ray DVDs and refrigerators. The Harness factory is producing
the harness of Monitor, Digital TV, and refrigerators. Haeng Sung has been actively developing
technologies for PCB Assembling and Harness. We are committed to developing technology that offers
a superior customer satisfaction.
2011 Harness factory moving (Jababeka Block → Hyundai Block, Cikarang)
2010 PCB factory structural reorganization (Audio&Video → specialization for
        producing controller assembling of refrigeration)
2010 Harness mass production of LG India EIL DTV
2009 Harness mass production of LG Poland EMA and EWR DTV
2007 Fridge controller ASS'Y began to produce
2006 DVD Recorder(Harddisk burdened), Home Theater COMBI SET OEM began to produce
2005 ISO 14001 : 2004 Certified (01.104.053396)/ eco-friendly material converted ALL
2004 DVD COMBI, Home Theater product SET OEM began to produce
2003 ISO 9001 : 2000 certified (01.100.023841)
2002 HS Independent Corporation, PT.HaengSung Raya Indonesia founded
2001 Audio, Video goods SUB PCB ASS'Y began to produce
1998 Harness for TV,MNT,VCR began to produce
1997 Joint Venture PT. Anser Raya Indonesia founded (Joint Venture with Boam Co.,Ltd)
  JL. Sumbawa Blok F1-2 Bekasi Jajar Industrial Estate Cikarang Barat - Bekasi 17520
  JL. Inti 3. Block C6-12, Hyundai Inti Development, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi 17550
  PCB Factory: Tel. 62-21-8998-2722 Fax. 62-21-8998-2725
HARNESS Factory: Tel. 62-21-899-5508,893-5982 Fax. 62-21-893-5482
  Incheon International Airport > Jakarta Airport, Indonesia (7 hours) > Arrive at the Lipo Cikarang Bekasi (taxi: 1 hour)