We came true adamant structure with solidly framed design and coupling of iron core stiffener/
excellent interior atmosphere of extensional balcony (using natural-wood-tactile design)/
excellent corrosion resistance has a strong point to a coastal area/ fit to interior finish of
extensional balcony/ Applying to large roller (Φ40) gives you smooth open.
Excellent Insulation Effect
Having lees thermal conductivity than metallic ones, PVC materials sustain heat insulation.
That makes possible that you save lots of heating cost.  Applied  welded  joint  for  waterproof and windproof, which have little gap, Hi-Sash keeps from the inflow of air,as well as rail frame structure whose window sill is maximized keeps from overflow of water.
Refined Atmosphere
It  was  new  the  first  in  Korea  that  HI Sash applied  the nature wood-like texture inboard of the window of balcony firstly in Korea, creates more luxurious refined atmosphere.
Safety First
Steel stiffener implanted inside of the windows prevents from breakaway
Smooth Swing
Minimized  friction  coefficient,  applied  convex  rail  and large roller, serves that you can open or close easily
System windows and doors, which is structured with sliding open
and close without an inner window, combined of aluminium and
wood keeping natural air, guarantee superior heat insulation, airt-
ightness and sound absorption, as well as create an excellent
decoration of circumstance.
These are System Windows and Doors added practicality to elegant
European style, and Deluxe Windows and Doors scientifically
combined PROFILE of U-PVC, which has superior heat insulation,
with European Hardware to improve heat insulation, airtightness,
watertightness, windproof as well