A specialty of Harness and PCB Ass'y, the core components of electronic appliances, Haengsung set the
system of an immediate response to any requirements of market with global competitiveness.

Touch Sensor is an electronic device to sense the micro capacitance of human bodies or certain materials.
This device is operated on and off by contacting human bodies with touch sensors.
Application Field

Item comment
TV The TV set’s local key switches are replaced to touch sensor switches. In other word,
touch switch substitutes for the current tact switch.
Laundry The touch switch replaces the function switch of washer.

electric goods

The touch switch makes possible to operate softer and more sensible than
the tact switch does.

 - Basic Functions    : Touch Key Module
 - Touch Sensors     : 7-Channel TS (Capacitance Sensing)
 - Operating Voltage  : 1.8 ~ 5.5V
 - Module Size         : 17 X 155 X 0.8mm
R&D Center  (Kimcheon)