1. We keep in mind that customer is the supreme worth and we always consider the standpoint of customer.
2. We process the customer's demand, and we solve the complaint and the su-
ggestion of customer immediately and correctly.
3. We shall certainly keep our promise to customer.
4. We shall provide the best products and services for customer.
5. We shall not disclose and not use the customer's information for any purpose without his (or her) permission.
1. The observance of the laws and the regulations
  We obey all kinds of laws and regulations in each country and region where our biz site is located for fair
business culture
2. Fair Trade
  1) All business deal should have fairly on the equal position, and the trade conditions and process should
    be agreed each other.
2) We shall not commit any of wrongdoing or misconduct with predominant position
1. Respect for human beings
  1) Haengsung treats each employee as an independent personality
2) Haengsung serves all the requirements like fixing up a system, educating and guiding to all employee so
    as to perform their tasks by the proper ways.
3) Haengsung does the best for employees to take pride and worth in his job on the base of ownership.
4) Haengsung does the best to improve the employee's life quality such as expanding well-being facilities.
2. Fair Treatment
  1) Haengsung not only endows employees with equal opportunity according to their ability and quality, but
    also evaluates their output and gives a proper reward according to their own abilities and achievements
2) Haengsung manages personnel with a base of personal suitability and operates organization without
   any discrimination by blood, hometown, and school connections
3. Upbringing of Competent Person
  1) Haengsung equips and supports actively a needed system that all employees could be reared as a
    creative and self-control competent person.
4. Reliance and Harmony between labor and management
  1) Haengsung builds up a productive relationship between labor and management based on mutual belief
    and harmony.
2) Haengsung tries to resolve troubles between labor and management with a well communication system.
1. Standard Ethics
  1) All employees should always do the best for all tasks with an honest manner on the base of honest and
2) All employees observe all sorts of laws and regulations, and act on the company's ethical value during
    the duty performance.
2. Fair Performance of Tasks
  1) All employees perform all their duties in honesty and impartiality, and always try to build a reliable culture
    of company.
2) All employees do not take any kind of pecuniary profit from a stakeholder related with their duties.
3) All employees cooperate positively to achieve a common goal, with transcending the personal or the
    divisional interests.
3. Reliable Life Posture
  1) All employees keep company's reputation and individual diginity as a reliable life, and clearly classify a
    public affair from private one
2) All employees shall not commit any of unethical, illegal behavior.
4. Job Completion
  1) Employee sympathizes with the corporate idealogy and policy, and completes their obligation.
2) Employee makes sure to keep company assets, and to secure the company's confidential information.
3) Employee does the best to prevent an accident by following the Haengsung Safety Guide.
4) Employee is careful so as not to be misunderstood from taking part in political affairs, do not involve in
    any political activities in the company.
5. Self-Enrichment
  1) Employee shall effort to be a Haengsung-man, by continuous self enrichment.
6. Mutual Duty and Responsibility of Employee
  1) All employees try to treat each other sincerely and faithfully to encourage a community sprit and a
2) All employees are not permitted to do inappropriate behaviors, such as provision of bribes and a treat,
    taking an advantage, as well as monetary come-and-go over the boundary of socially accepted ideas
3) All employees never misconduct sexual harassment, and others like a behavior to break a reliable fellow-
   ship as well.
1. Offering Equal Opportunity
  1) We offer a clear and equal opportunity to our partners
2) All employees must avoid to be misunderstood to compel someone to trade with a company related their
    family or relative.
2. Fair Trade
  1) All deals with partners must be done with following all related regulations.
2) We conduct the pursuit of mutual profit between partner and Haengsung.
3) All transactions have to be done by legal process, and should keep to the agreement.
1. Performance of Social Duty
  1) We operate our business, with respecting the local values regardless domestic or abroad.
2) We positively reject any kinds of malfeasances to keep from reliable corporate activities, and contribute to
    build a corporate culture of community and country.
3) We also contribute to national development by paying taxes honestly and creating more jobs, while
   we not only to maintain an everlasting corporation, but also improve it through making reasonable profits
   Furthermore, we stand up to social responsibility burdened to us by doing the social services, such
   as educational, cultural and welfare projects.
4) Haengsung does not avoid the tax duty, and the recording of all transactions, maintained and stored.
2. Environmental Conservation
  1) We draw up pre/ post countermeasures about environmental issue related with business operations, and
    do our best to prevent the pollutions of circumstance and nature.
2) We respect environment-related statutes and all sorts of corporate rules, targeting on
   environment-friendly company