What does Ethical Management mean?
Ethical Management refers that a company management shall preserve the order of law and the responsibility of society even the market morals. Company's Social Responsibilities: The economical, legal, ethical, and benev- olent duty.

  Duty to keep a permanence through making profit
  Duty to observe the all sorts of laws and regulations
  Duty to keep voluntarily the ethical criteria formed by social common sense, not forced by law
  Culture activities, donations for community, volunteer services, etc, which are not related directly to operate
  a company

We could realize in many cases that the ethical management influences the business prosperity. Enron Corp- oration, the 7th biggest company in America before, went into bankruptcy caused by the controversy of morality. However, Johnson & Johnson got reliance from consumer through the recall and the open of manufacturing pr- ocess with project 240 million dollar when they faced the toxicant Tylenol. In these days, the ethical operation of company is the requisite strategy for survival.

CEO of transparent management practices and corporate social responsibility commitment, we want to establish the value judgments and behavior planets corporate code of ethics and practice guidelines,as of November 01, 2006 I conducted affiliates.